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Superannuation (super) is designed to help you to put aside money for your retirement. To ensure your super savings are used for this purpose, there are regulations in place to make certain the contributions you deposit are locked away until you are at least 55 years old.

A lot of people don’t use this tax-beneficial method of saving as well as they could. But how you handle your super now can make a huge difference to the lifestyle you can enjoy once you retire from work.

Do you know how much money you need or want in retirement? Ken Filbey Financial Services can help you to maximise your pension benefit and minimise your tax as well as work out what income you will need for a comfortable retirement and structure your superannuation accordingly.

Underinsurance is a major issue in Australia. This can create major problems for you or your family if you were to get very sick, pass away or become disabled. Ken Filbey Financial Services can protect your family with the appropriate insurance options for your circumstances, such as:


Consolidating your superannuation

Many Australians have money in more than one super fund. They may have changed jobs several times over the years and paid into a variety of schemes arranged by their employer or various industry funds, leaving them with a messy superannuation situation that’s difficult to ‘get a handle on’...

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Salary sacrificing

Salary sacrificing into super is one of the more popular and tax-effective ways to increase your retirement savings. Salary sacrificing, by definition, means giving up some of today’s pay to receive a before-tax benefit to the same value.

Not only will you increase the amount of...

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Personal risk insurance

Did you know that personal risk insurance policies, such as Life Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability policies and Income Protection insurance, can be linked to your superannuation?

This means that the regular premium payments can be deducted from your...

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Retirement Incomes

Retirement income streams provide you with a regular and tax-effective income stream prior to and during your retirement.

You can access a transition-to-retirement pension of between 2 –10% of your superannuation account balance if you’ve reached your preservation age (currently...

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