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Life Insurance


Life can be unpredictable. What would happen to your family if you passed away? How would they meet mortgage payments and all the other costs of living without you?

Life insurance can minimise the financial disruption to your spouse and family in the event of your death. They’ll have enough to deal with handling the emotional stress of your passing. This type of cover can help your family maintain its lifestyle and quality of housing, as well as meeting educational and other major life expenses.

Ken Filbey Financial Services can help you to get the most appropriate life insurance cover for your age, income level and lifestyle at the most affordable price.

We may even be able to arrange for you to pay less for premiums by purchasing the insurance through your super. This involves holding life insurance policies via your super account and using your super contributions or account balance to pay for the premiums, rather than paying for them from your after-tax income. This strategy may also reduce your premiums because the super fund is buying the insurance ‘in bulk’. However this strategy may not suit everyone so talk to your Ken Filbey Financial Services to get the right advice about your life insurance needs.