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Income Protection Insurance


If you are temporarily unable to work as a result of illness or accident, your expenses will continue even though your income may have decreased or stopped altogether.

This type of cover can help you maintain your family’s quality of life during the period of your recovery. Remember, Work Cover only covers you for accidents – and only at work. Ken Filbey Financial Services can provide income protection insurance that covers you for any type of illness or accident twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The ‘waiting period’ is the amount of time after you are unable to work that you have to wait until you can lodge a claim to receive income payments. We recommend that you select a waiting period that complements your sick leave entitlements, ensuring you are not without income for long.

The amount of time you will receive income protection payments for is called the ‘benefit period’. At Ken Filbey Financial Services we recommend you select a benefit period that covers you until you are 65 if that’s possible. We’ll work with you to choose a benefit period that you are comfortable with and is affordable.